Repair Battery Life Pro

Repair Battery Life- a great tool, it is perfect for your podlivaniem of your battery. Because eventually it loses its battery capacity, and can

Simply Convert Units Pro

Simply Convert Units Pro- give the benefit of the converter as a last resort, if you are a soon-to-come in handy. Probably the most-the most com

Soul - Icon Pack

Soul - Icon Pack- Turn your desktop into a vibrant UI color, style and dark elements. Soul is designed with creative detail to ensure every icon

Vibe - Icon Pack

Vibe - Icon Pack- beautifully clear icons with a focus on the future. Each icon Vibe for firing the device with detailed shading and gradients.


ZPlayer- media player for Android with the interface of Windows Phone 7 Zune.ZPlayer - Interesting player audio and video in the style of window

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint- for phones and tablets with Android.AddingMicrosoft PowerPointfor Android is specialized for work on the go. I


KiwiCamera- better pictures with instant real-time filters in 10+ different themes!You can also apply all the filters of your albums! This regul

Weather, Radar, Alerts, Hurricane

[b]Weather, Radar, Alerts, Hurricane/b] - if you need to be in charge of the weather right now with an accuracy of hours, weather monitoring for 10 da

Fitness Point Pro

Fitness Point Pro- probably the usual addition, to look out for their own progress in the gym. Lack confusing diet overloaded or information scr

МК Explorer (File manager)

MK Explorer (File manager)- a normal, multi-file clerk in a manner Material Design.- Designed in the manner of Material Design, it is differenti