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Project Powder

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Project Powder

Project Powder

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Project Powder is a free snowboard racing MMO with anime-style 3D graphics. Think of a MMO version of the SSX series and you will have a great idea what Project Powder is all about. Players use predefined characters to race and perform tricks against other players. These characters can be customized with new tricks, a wide variety of outfits, snowboards, and various accessories. The game has three different modes to earn experience and gold: Race, Battle, and Coin. Race mode is just a race to the finish where you can still perform tricks. Battle mode allows players to use weapons such as missiles and walls. Lastly, Coin mode requires the winner to collect the most coins. Coins acquired in this mode are converted to the game's currency. Any snowboarding or SSX fan should enjoy Project Powder since there are not many MMOs in this particular genre.

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