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Word Power - The Green Revolution

Word Power – The Green Revolution is a game with a great story and intention for education, but unfortunately with not so great realization. The story starts with Dr. Albert a scientist from the Green Energy Institute, as he was looking for a way to supply cities around the world with green, pure energy. But he needed somebody to help him in his research and that is where you jump in. The Doctor has already researched far into this technology and he has all founds that he needs to implement his plans, but he still needs the brainpower to unite all that elements into useful energy. It is up...

Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales

The Great Library is facing a strange crisis. A lot of the popular fairytale characters have escaped from the books and the onus is upon Lex to return them to where they belong. He gets some help from friends like Mother Goose and Cheshire Cat. The game gets interesting as 50 villainous characters are also out of the books and make your task difficult. There are a total of 10 chapters where you can battle 50 fairytale foes in challenging Boss battles. The basic game-play requires you to make or build words and thereby test your vocabulary which makes it basic among word games. Using the...