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Puzzle Inlay Magic Games Reviews

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Navigatris is a fresh new take on the classic Tetris style/genre of arcade game. However, you should not let that fool you into thinking that being a good Tetris player will get you an easy ride in this game. The aim of Navigatris is to use tetris blocks to repair your ship (which is constantly falling apart), so that you can keep your ship afloat long enough to reach its destination. There are three stages in Navigatris, each spanning a different time period (Ancient, Industrial and Modern). Each stage consists of 7 levels, giving the player a total of 21 levels at three different...


An exciting puzzle game from PopCap games it's based on the Greek-mythology, and you take on the role of King Midas. You have to help him earn enough gold and construct buildings for the under privileged to pass each level. Connect talismans together and the longer a chain is the higher is your score. Battle it out with legendary Greek monsters and collect power-ups which make it easier to solve the riddles. After you have collected enough points required for a level, you are redirected to a cut scene where you complete a building before you move to the next level. A whole new set of...

Jewel Charm

The wedding bells are ringing; the kingdom is in state of happiness, as the day of the wedding draws near for the prince and the princess. But at the last night before the wedding a fire-breathing dragon has attacked the castle, and stolen the kingdoms crown jewels. This is a disaster for the kingdom, for the wedding can't be held without the jewels. The king summoned you as the kingdoms best jeweler, to find the pieces. You find out that the dragon was captured by the knights of the kingdom, but as he was hunted the jewels fell on to the ground and shattered into thousand pieces. So you...

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