Addicting Puzzle Games Reviews

Addicting Puzzle Games Reviews

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Lost Continent Double Pack

Trazenje materijala: 5 min I’m a fanatic when it comes to the ancient stories, myths, legends and the true events. But all of the legends that go through history like what happened in Rome, Greece and Egypt and rated as the ones that have the highest usage value; Atlantis is the one that shadows them all. So many tales have been told about the legendary city of Atlantis that had the most advanced civilization on Earth. But those stories are so old that probably no one can really know what really happened there and...

Stray Souls - Dollhouse Story

When you are ready to leave your life behind, make the step forward leaving everything behind you hope that whatever you have left behind won’t catch up to you one day. Many poor souls have relied too much on lady luck, while only some of them have tried really hard to ‘erase their past’, but likewise they can’t rely on that 100%. This is all happening every day in our lives without even knowing it. Perhaps a nice couple has moved from another country that looks very nice on the first look, or a friend that you know for years still seems to hide from you something as you can tell by the...

Farm Mania - Hot Vacation

Farming is something that runs through Anna’s blood. But after helping her grandfather in restoring his own farm and collecting a few bucks, a well-deserved vacation is at hand for Anna, her husband Bob and her grandparents. They decided to take a little world trip vacation, so they can know better other cultures, nations but most importantly other farming techniques and technologies. The things is, in this games the people who are used as characters, they all have one very specific feature that characterize them the most, and that is the fact that they can’t stay away from work long. In...

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