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Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights(TM) Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights(TM) Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘êÏ▒Ï®
Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights(TM)

A medieval chessboard believed to hold amazing secrets has been unearthed. It's an incredible archeological find but unfortunately all the game pieces are missing. Clues to their resting places abound however and it's up to you to locate them. Can you find the pieces and figure out the secret of the chessboard? Travel from the crowded bazaars of Morocco to the snow-swept mountains of Switzerland in search of these ancient artifacts. Explore 25 exotic locations as you track them down scouring through more than 2,000 cleverly hidden objects. Take on eight unique types of mini-games, discover 50 hidden crowns, and unlock two bonus game modes.

Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights(TM) ┘ä┘éÏÀϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ┤ϺÏ┤Ï®:

Jewel Legends - Tree of Life Jewel Legends - Tree of Life Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘êÏ▒Ï®
Jewel Legends - Tree of Life

The little Hods once lived in harmony with the Tree of Life until the endless greed of a dark demon forced them into hiding. The Tree wilted but eons later, the demon was defeated, giving rise to a new era. Slowly but surely, the Hods have returned to the Tree hoping to bring life to it once again. Rebuild the world of the Hods and restore the Tree of Life in 100 magical levels. Play in Timed or Zen mode to collect resources that will aid in constructing new structures such as the Bath House, the Mushroom Farm, and the Fountain of Wonder. Collect coins to purchase helpful power-ups, earn colorful achievements, and enjoy a challenge with an otherworldly charm.

Jewel Legends - Tree of Life ┘ä┘éÏÀϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ┤ϺÏ┤Ï®:

WMS Jungle Wild Slot Machine WMS Jungle Wild Slot Machine Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘êÏ▒Ï®
WMS Jungle Wild Slot Machine

The jungle is full of riches and you're on an expedition to collect them all. Beware however, because hidden within lie many dangers with creatures ready to devour you or ancient civilizations looking for a sacrifice. Can you brave the perils of the rainforest and find the hidden treasure? Spin the reels to find out in this addictive slot machine. Drop in your credits and select the number of pay lines then watch as your fortune grows. The more you play, the more you can earn as the machine gains levels to increase payouts. Keep track of statistics, play bonus rounds, and earn achievements for great spins.

WMS Jungle Wild Slot Machine ┘ä┘éÏÀϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ┤ϺÏ┤Ï®:

Zooloretto Zooloretto Ϻ┘äÏÁ┘êÏ▒Ï®

The inhabitants of zoos around the world are being mistreated by their owners. Given poor food and living conditions, it's up to you to make things right. In order to help the animals however, you will have to beat each of the owners in a game of Zooloretto. Can you master the art of the game to save them all? Travel across the globe and challenge 36 zookeepers to achieve your quest. Collect groups of animals in order to attract visitors to your zoo. Win monkeys, lions, pandas and more as you plan the zoo layout with habitats, shops, and more. Be careful however, because the zoo must be strategically managed and the other owners will try anything to keep their animals. Unlock new game features, select different difficulty settings, and play with up to three other players.

Zooloretto ┘ä┘éÏÀϺϬ Ϻ┘äÏ┤ϺÏ┤Ï®:

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