Classic Match 3 Games

Classic Match 3 Games

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Azkend 2 - The World Beneath

While traveling from Liverpool to New York, your ship was pulled down into the sea by a massive whirlpool. The end seems all but sure yet you open your eyes in astonishment and gaze upon a...

4 Elements II Premium Edition

The world of magic is in grave danger after a careless spell casts a shadow of darkness and despair. Only the four elemental fairies have the power to correct it, but the curse has weakened and...


Explore fascinating sites around the world as you play a captivating mix of puzzle classics including Match 3, Sudoku, and Mahjongg. Each game is carefully crafted to provide an enjoyable moment...

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Azkend 2 - The World Beneath

4 Elements II Premium Edition


7 Wonders Triple Pack

Time Machine - Rogue Pilot

Classic Fishdom Double Pack

Fairy Tales - Four Seasons

Magical Mysteries - Path of the Sorceress

Akhra - The Treasures

Green Valley - Fun on the Farm

Wild West Story - The Beginnings

Jewel Keepers - Easter Island


Coffee Rush Double Pack

Jewel Quest - The Sleepless Star

Ballville - The Beginning

Season Match 3 - Curse of the Witch Crow

LUXOR 5th Passage

Jewel Quest - The Sleepless Star Premium Edition

Fishdom - Seasons Under the Sea(TM) - 3 in 1

Double Pack 4 Elements(TM) and Around the World in 80 Days(TM)

BumbleBee Jewel - The Search for the Lost Colors

Memory Wiz

Fishdom(TM) 2

Dr. Despicable's Dastardly Deeds

Fishdom(TM) 2 Premium Edition

Trio - The Great Settlement

Rainbow Web Bundle

Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's

Tropical Fish Shop - Annabel's Adventure

The Cradle Bundle

Simplz - Zoo

Jewel Quest Heritage Premium Edition

Hedgehogs in Space

Fishdom - Frosty Splash (TM)

Rainbow Web II

Sally's Quick Clips

Spring Adventure

Pharaoh's Secret

Yumsters! 2 - Around the World

Treasures of Montezuma

Mean Girls High School Showdown

Tropix 2 - The Quest For the Golden Banana

Pharaoh's Secret

Bejeweled Twist

7 Wonders - Treasures of Seven

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

The Legend of El Dorado

Gold Rush

Rainforest Adventure

Super Glinx!

Super Bounce Out

Super Gem Drop

Super 5-Line Slots

Diamond Detective

Crazy Machines 1.5

Jewel Quest III

Pastry Passion

Rainbow Web II

Boogie Bunnies

The Rise of Atlantis (Italiano)

The Rise of Atlantis (Espanol)

The Rise of Atlantis (Nederland)

Cindy's Sundaes

Mystery P.I.(TM) - The London Caper


Pirate Island

Monarch: The Butterfly King

Tropical Swaps

Bunny Bounce

Caillou Colors & Shapes

Brickshooter Egypt

Chainz 2: Relinked

Atomic Betty: Intergalactic Conspiracy

Da Vinci's Secret

Luck Charm

Crystalize 2: Quest for the Jewel Crown

Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction

Jewel Quest (Espaol)

Jewel Quest (Italiano)

Jewel Mines

Jewel Labyrinth

Big Kahuna Bundle

7 Wonders of the Ancient World


Lost City of Gold


Gold Fever

Ultimate Quest Bundle: Jewel Quest & Mah Jong Quest Playball


Drop! 2

Honey Switch Deluxe

Cosmic Switch Deluxe

Maui Wowee

Barnyard Invasion

Bejeweled 2

Bounce Out Blitz

Masks Gold

Color Match Gold

SquareOff Gold

Super Candy Cruncher

Bursting Bubbles

Treasures of the Ancient Cavern

Treasure Pyramid

Treasure Island

The Treasures of Montezuma 3

The Treasures of Montezuma 2

The Rise of Atlantis

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy

The Great Pharaoh

The Enchanting Islands

The Da Vinci Code

Spring Bonus

Spooky Runes

Slingo Quest Amazon

Slime Army

Season Match 2

Sea Journey

Runes of Avalon 2

Robin's Island Adventure

Restaurant Rush

Rainbow Web

Rainbow Mystery


Oriental Dreams


Night of the Scarecrows

Lost City of Aquatica

Little Farm

Legend of Aladdin

Lamp of Aladdin

Kitten Sanctuary

Keepers of Dryandra

Jewels of the East India Company

Jewel Quest II

Jewel Quest Heritage

Jewel Match

Jewel Match 2

Jewel Match 3

Jewel of Atlantis

Jewel Quest

Jewel Craft

Hidden Wonders of the Depths

Heroes of Kalevala

Glyph 2


Gem Shop

Frozen Kingdom

Flower Paradise

Fishdom - Spooky Splash


Finders Keepers

Fashion Story

Fairy Nook

Fairy Jewels

Fairy Island



Dress-up Pups

Dreamsdwell Stories

Dragon Empire

Discovering Nature

Diamond Drop 2

Deep Voyage

Crop Busters

Cradle of Rome

Coffee Rush

Coffee Rush 2


Burger Rush

Big Kahuna Reef

Big Kahuna Reef 3


Atlantis Quest

Ashley Jones and the Heart of Egypt

Art Stories



Alice and the Magic Gardens

Alchemist's Apprentice

7 Wonders II

4 Elements II

Veronica and the Book of Dreams

Villa Banana

Wispa Forest

Wizard Land

Wizard's Hat

Woodville Chronicles

World Adventure