Vacation Quest(Tm) - Australia

Vacation Quest(Tm) - Australia

Vacation Quest(TM) - Australia

Game description

Vacation Quest(TM) - Australia

The second stop on your worldwide trip to the most amazing places is ready for your arrival. With Hawaiian memories now stored away, it's time to head down under and explore the majesty of this most extraordinary location. From the grand harbor to the desert outback, this once-in-a-lifetime experience will leave you wanting for more. Explore 28 beautiful Australian locations to complete tours and fill your vacation journal with achievements. Collect hidden boomerangs to extend your trip and unlock bonus locations. Play seven unique mini-games including Match 3 and Mahjong, discover Australian trivia and local lingo, and earn back-to-back speed bonuses as you search for over 2,200 hidden objects. It's an incredible vacation that you will never forget.

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