Starlaxis - Light Hunter

Starlaxis - Light Hunter

Starlaxis - Light Hunter

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Starlaxis - Light Hunter

The year is 2257 and the sun, for some strange reason, has lost its fire. Temperatures on Earth sink rapidly, blizzards and ice storms become daily events, and it is only a matter of time before all life perishes. Scientists have discovered that only the mysterious "phantom energy" can reanimate the sun, and have sent Earth's best pilots and starships into the unknown to find it. Can they bring it back before it is too late? Become one of these skilled Light Hunters and save the Earth from becoming a frozen wasteland. Travel to four galaxies in your spaceship and maneuver it by matching three or more of the right command blocks. Enjoy varied mission goals, select from four upgradeable ships, and take on challenging Boss battles. Venture into the unknown and bring the beauty of life back to Earth.

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