Orczz - Extended Edition

Orczz - Extended Edition

Orczz - Extended Edition

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Orczz - Extended Edition

The land of Whiteleaf is home to the Knights of the Order of the Mug, those who stand and protect not only their country, but the Mead, a precious honey wine they are so fond of drinking. Powerful in ancient times when recruits eagerly joined in search of fame and glory, the order is now only a shadow of what it once was. Now, a new threat has come and only a few brave knights and recruits stand in the way of these invaders and the treasured Mead! Oh, and the land of Whiteleaf tooJoin the ranks of the Knights of the Order of the Mug and command them to stop the Orczz in this comical endeavor. Select your knights and other defenses then place them to battle the oncoming horde, much as if you were planting flowers to shoot the undead, or something like that... Collect coins to hire new units, use special power-ups, play fun mini-games, and earn wacky achievements. There's so much here to keep you coming back for more!

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