Odysseus - Long Way Home

Odysseus - Long Way Home

Odysseus - Long Way Home

Game description

Odysseus - Long Way Home

After years of war with Troy, Odysseus and his Greek countrymen are tired and wish to go home. Odysseus would like nothing better than to see his sweet Penelope once again. He calls on the goddess Athena for guidance, but first he must end the war and then still sail the long journey home. Embark on this adventure with Odysseus and plunge into the myths of Ancient Greece as written by Homer. Set out on a 20-year journey beginning at the walls of Troy to his home on Ithaca. Visit mysterious islands filled with magical creatures, some asking for help, while others waiting to eat you. Search for useful items along many beautiful locations, solve fascinating adventure puzzles, and play exceptional mini-games. It's a legendary adventure that's just waiting to be experienced.

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