Oddly Enough - Pied Piper

Oddly Enough - Pied Piper

Oddly Enough - Pied Piper

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Oddly Enough - Pied Piper

The small town of Hamelin is overrun with rodents and the citizens have called on the Pied Piper to clean up their town. When the villagers refuse to pay for the Piper's service however, he finds another way to make them pay. Now, all of the town's children are locked away in the Piper's tower and are in need of rescue. Can you settle this matter and bring the children back safely? Enter the weird and wonderful realm of this unique world and explore 35 lavish locations to find a resolution. Interact with memorable characters, decipher mind-boggling puzzles, repair bizarre machines, and cook up strange concoctions. Packed with a compelling story, beautiful artwork, and an odd sense of humor, you'll stroll down the path of a satisfying experience.

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