Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion(Tm)

Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion(Tm)

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion(TM)

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Mystery of Mortlake Mansion(TM)

Summoned by an elderly magician to a strange mansion, your world is turned upside down when you suddenly become trapped within its walls. Why were you summoned there in the first place and where is the magician who asked for your help? Only by breaking the spell that has been cast upon the mysterious mansion, is there any hope for you to escape and unravel the answers to these troubling questions. Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover what haunts this eerie place. Meet a talking raven and the Spirit, two enigmatic captives of the mansion who can provide answers you are seeking. Confront an insidious lord, break evil spells, set captives free and become owner of the gorgeous mansion. Numerous hours of discoveries await you in challenging 34 beautiful scenes, 30 mini-games, and a host of tricky puzzles.

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Mystery of Mortlake Mansion(TM) editor's review

Magic is something that we see every day and basically we aren’t aware of it at all. However, this is not that kind of story about beauties of life and sentimental things of babies and everyday life. This story is totally something different that involves ‘real’ magic and another dimension where magic is something normal just like the air we are breathing every day. The game starts by you choosing what gender you wish your player to be. It doesn’t matter whether it is male or female, as the subtitles and the parts of the game are adapted to both of the choices and there won’t be any mistakes when it comes to this as much as I have seen and noticed. You have been hired by a certain Mister R through a letter which strangely has arrived to you after 10 years. You are being called to Mortlake Mansion to help the certain gentleman but to be aware of the great dangers that are lurking around that castle; however the ‘kind’ gentleman forgot to mention the biggest of them all… The story that he told to you is that he is a humongous fan of magic and would do anything to get as near as possible or even become a magician just like his role model, but he got trapped and now needs your help. The story of the game is quite catching as you enter the mansion you will also be stuck in there as that same role model of your employer has cast a spell on the whole castle with one purpose and that is immortality. But as always there is a trick to this, and like I said the people who enter the castle will never leave it again. As you start finding your way out of this mess you will reveal some of the facts that were concealed to you and learn the real truth that lies behind all of this and your employer too. The game is filled with different items that you need to find as the HOG genre prevails mostly in the game, but besides HOG you will come across some puzzles and logic mysteries that need solving if you want to leave that castle ever again. The whole castle is full with huge rooms that need ‘cleaning up’ from the hidden items inside of them, but at the end of the level or room if you want you will get a special reward and that is the one of the key artifacts that you need to get out of there. Keep an eye out for a changing cursor that marks something you can interact with, as well as any glimmering areas that mark puzzles or hidden-object scenes. In terms of puzzles, there are the general symbol matching games, tile-sliding puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and even match-three puzzles, but there are also those puzzles that require logic and reasoning like previously said. The puzzles are taken from the everyday examples that are happening to us, only exaggerated to the point of complexity that it is. The whole game goal is to access the heart of the home, but to do that you need to collect seven keys but to collect these seven keys they need to be collected from different fragments including our realm and the magical realm. You will access the magical or Shadow realm by gathering crystals all over the game and they will open up portals so you can travel between them. However after unlocking some of the levels you have already visited you can then move around the map without the portals by simply entering the map and choosing your destination. The special effect in the game are expressed the most in the Shadow World through some creepy and spooky effect of people and objects. They used animation on almost every scene on which they could providing with some such wonderful scenes combined with fully voice acting. The game hasn’t got what it takes to become number one, but it has got what takes to make it close to the top. The hint button is always there to server and it will as you’ll need it all the time. Now the question remains which level of difficulty will you chose, because as the difficulty changes so does the recharging level of hints but the puzzle and hidden object items level to. See which level suits you the most.

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