Mountain Crime - Requital

Mountain Crime - Requital

Mountain Crime - Requital

Game description

Mountain Crime - Requital

When a guest at the remote White Wolf Hotel falls ill, you are summoned to care for the patient. On your way there however, a strange event causes a near-brush with death. Miraculously, you survive the ordeal and arrive at the hotel but soon, you realize that the unfortunate accident is only a harbinger of danger to come. Someone is killing the guests at the mountain resort, and you could be next. Figure out this chilling whodunit as you explore the hotel and find a reason behind this madness. Search for clues, speak with other guests, and solve brain-busting puzzles to learn of the hotel's horrific past and the motives behind these deaths. As you proceed, two questions will take shape in your mind: What ties do you have to this hotel? And why did one of the victims claim you as the killer?

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