Heroes Of Hellas 3 - Athens

Heroes Of Hellas 3 - Athens

Heroes of Hellas 3 - Athens

Game description

Heroes of Hellas 3 - Athens

When calamity strikes the capital city of Hellas, the goddess Athena turns to you for help in restoring the city along with her magical tree that holds her powers. She promises a reward beyond imagination, but the evil god who rained fire down on the city has other sinister plans. Can you protect Athens while rebuilding its grandeur? String together matches of three or more identical items to remove obstacles, activate bonus items, and collect valuable objects while restoring Athens. Collect gold and use it to aid in construction, but remember to care for the people as well. Locate lockets to unleash the might of the gods with dazzling power-ups, play spectacular mini-games including Hidden Object, and vanquish the evil force that troubles Athena.

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